Here’s where we’ll be posting the latest news about us, including our press releases, stories about us in the media, and presentations to different groups.

We can also help you in getting media exposure for your own projects by writing releases, sending out press blasts, and referring you to the PR firm we work with in L.A., Jones & O’Malley, for a hands on media campaign for 1 month or more.


Radio Interview about “Tips for Finding Publishers and Agents” on The Tony Wilkins Show, 1-16-15

Press Releases

Our latest press releases which have been picked up by the media include the following. The earlier releases refer to The Publishing Connection, the successor to the original Publishers and Agents. Publishers, Agents, and Films is the successor to both of these companies.


Should You Find a Publisher or an Agent?

10 Steps to Promoting an Indie Film Crowdfunding Campaign

Company Uses Stats to Show Connections to Publishers and Agents – October 1, 2014

Company Blogs Helps Writers Find Producers-Agents-Publishers – August 19, 2014

Company Connecting Writers to Publishers and Agents Expands Globally – June 30, 2014

Growing Support for Company Linking Writers to Publishers, Agents – June 26, 2014

New Company Helps Writers Find Publishers, Agents, Film Industry Contacts – May 22, 2014

Author Sells 6 Books to Publishers, Feature Film in Production – May 16, 2014

Author Uses Blogs to Help Writers Find Publishers and Agents – March 28, 2014

New Service Connects Writers to Publishers, Agents, Film Industry – March 13, 2014


Presentations and Events

Panelist at the ASJA Northern California New Avenues in Journalism Conference in San Francisco October 10-11, 2014 on “How Can Freelancers Benefit from Working Collaboratively?”

Exhibitor at Lafayette Annual Arts and Wine Festival, September 26

Presenter at Walnut Creek Business Links Group, August 12, 2014