PR and Promotion Solutions

Once your book is published or your script is sold, or if you are seeking publicity to obtain interviews or pitch articles to build your platform, we can help you with PR and promotion through various avenues.

Sending out Your Query or PR to the Media

We can do a blast of a query letter or press release to any of the five major types of media: newspapers and news services, magazines, Internet media, radio and TV. Or we can target all of the media in your location. These blasts are targeted based on your type of project and typically go to over 1500 contacts in each media category; about 500 of all media in your area.

If these blasts are part of a campaign, which is often a good idea, so the media contacts become familiar with you, there is a 20% discount on the second PR blast, 25% on the third.

Writing a Press Release for You

Gain local and national attention through various medias using a personal Press Release. We can write a Press Release for you that can be submitted to unlimited numbers of newspapers, blogs, magazines, websites, etc. on your end.

Developing a PR Campaign for You

Our PR affiliate can create a targeted hands-on campaign for you, as well as be the contact and follow up for our blasts. There are several options here to take a look at:

$1000 a month for a basic campaign
$1500 for an expanded monthly campaign
$2000 for the celebrity, star-power treatment

Building a Website for You

Having an online presence is so important these days, as many people have google at their fingertips and want to know more about you. A professional looking website can increase your credibility, and provide yet another platform for you to brand yourself. Whether you are looking for a basic website, or a more robust site, we can help you get there.

Developing Branded Templates for You

As the backbone of your promotions, from social media, to flyers and website, your brand will make you memorable and stand out among the rest. We can design a professional logo and templates for you to use in your correspondences with your industry contacts so your work is associated with your personal brand.

Creating a Promotional Video for You

Promotional videos can help you at any stage of the writing, publishing, or film producing process. They can help you gain visibility and build your platform if you have a book manuscript or film script, published book, or film in distribution. We can help you if you want to make a professional video, which includes having a script and working with a cinematographer and editor – not just turning on a home video and speaking to the camera. These are typically 1-3 minutes.

The main types of promotional videos are book trailers, script trailers, film trailers, or personal platform videos.