Promotional Videos



Promotional videos can help you at any stage of the writing, publishing, or film producing process. They can help you gain visibility and build your platform if you have a book manuscript or film script, published book, or film in distribution.

The main types of promotional videos are:

• book trailers
• script trailers
• film trailers
• personal platform videos

We can help you if you want to make a professional video, which includes having a script and working with a cinematographer and editor – not just turning on a home video and speaking to the camera. These are typically 1-3 minutes.

We initially work with you to develop and write the script. Then, you can work with a team of videographers in your area, or we can put together a team in the San Francisco Bay Area to film your video here. The cost will depend on the length of the video, number of locations, and if there are any actors, such as to play out some scenes in your book or script.


The costs are as follows:

• Developing and writing your script – $500
• Writing your script only – $300
• Filming your video – $2,000-3,000

Call us for detail and to discuss what you want to do.


Here are some of the videos we’ve created:

Writing Books, Proposals and Scripts
Writing Scripts and Pitching Film Rights
Books, Proposals, and Scripts for Clients
Pitching Books of Clients to Publishers and Agents
Pitching Books to Publishers and Agents – General Interest, History, Business, Money
Pitching Books to Publishers and Agents – Memoirs and Narratives
Pitching Books to Publishers and Agents – Self-help, Relationships, Parenting, and Inspiration
Pitching Books to Publishers and Agents – Novels
Pitching Books to Publishers and Agents – Health, Fitness, Medical, Psychological, Food Books
Pitching Books to Publishers and Agents – Children’s Books