Since the founding of the service, we have received over 260 enthusiastic testimonials. You can see previous ones in the Archives, organized by:



Children’s Books



Our latest testimonials are listed below by the date we received them, along with the author’s city and state, and full name and title of their book, where we have permission to use their name. Otherwise, we have listed them by initials.

In many cases, we received these testimonials soon after they got a good response from publishers, agents, or film producers. Some let us know after they signed a deal.

We plan to follow up and will make announcements when the books are published or the films are produced.


For Book Publishing

image002“Gini Graham Scott helped me publish my book Remodeling Stress and saved me over $3.00 a book in the process, getting the price per copy reduced from over $5.50 to $2.15 a copy.  She also helped with cover revisions.  I was very pleased with the results, and I highly recommend her for help with self-publishing.”

Robert Clifford
Author of Remodeling Stress
Building Pros
Danville, California



image004I was delighted with Gini Graham Scott’s expert help in guiding me through the process of publishing my memoir and inspirational self-help book My Doom Loop on CreateSpace and Kindle.  She helped me know what to do to get my manuscript and cover ready  for production and helped me in setting up my accounts and uploading my book.  As a first time author and publisher, I very much valued all her help, as well as her availability to answer my many questions about the process.  I recommend her highly to anyone who wants to publish their own book.

Eva Angvert Harren
Author of My Doom Loop
Castro Valley, California



how to be happy partners - cover“I just wanted to say thank you for your help in getting my book published on CreateSpace. My book is uploaded, looks good, and I’m waiting for my co-author to get his printed proof copy, so he can make sure the cover is OK.  Could not have done this without your help.  Thanks so much.”

Tina B. Tessina
Author of How to Be Happy Partners, and 13 books in 17 languages
Long Beach, California




American Justice? - Book Cover“Many thanks to Gini Graham Scott.  She helped me in writing my book American Justice?, which combines a memoir about my wife’s devastating experience with the criminal justice system and a discussion of the problems in the criminal justice system and how to fix it.  Besides writing, she helped with doing extensive research on criminal justice issues.  Then, she helped me in finding my publisher through a query to publishers and agents.  The book just came out this year with TouchPoint Press, and now she has been helping me get PR for the book.

Paul Brakke
Author of American Justice?



For Book Proposal and Book Writing & Editing


“Gini Graham Scott helped in writing my book: At Death’s Door about end of life care, and helping patients and their families choose the best option to minimize pain and suffering at the end.  She did a great job in helping me bring out the stories of the patients to make the book come alive and put the reader beside me in dealing with these patients day to day.

I really feel I have written a powerful and important book about a timely topic.  Many thanks to Gini Scott for her help. She also helped me sell my book to Rowman and in developing a script for a TV pilot based on the book that is being filmed in July 2016.

Sebastian Sepulveda, M.D.
Author of At Death’s Door
Chelmsford, Massachusetts


“Many thanks to Gini Graham Scott.  Besides helping me sell my book Lessons of Redemption which was published through a mailing to publishers by Publishers Agents and Films, she now has been helping me in writing, editing, and doing some research for my book Uprising in the City, which is based on my observations, interviews, and experiences after Baltimore erupted in response to Freddie Grey’s death in a police van.  She has done a great job for me and I recommend her highly.”

Kevin Shird
Author of Lessons of Redemption and Baltimore on Fire
Baltimore, Maryland



image008“Gini helped me so much in editing my book on The Deep See, based on seeing much more about yourself from looking into a single picture.  Then, she helped me publishing my book under a short deadline for a big conference I was attending as a NLP trainer.  A great job well done.”

Naomi Bareket
Author: The Deep See
NLP Certified Trainer
Castro Valley, California



“Thank you for a masterful job in writing my proposal for my memoir.  I can easily do some final editing…I really appreciate your work on the proposal, and then in sending my query out to agents and publishers for me.”

Marcy Bachmann
Author of One Life, Six Men
Danville, California



For Workshop on Making More Money With Your Book:


“Gini boils down years of experience and multiple areas of expertise into a simple presentation with helpful goodies tailored to participants’ interests. Very informative.”

Joey Tomic
Physicians Assistant
San Ramon, California


“Very informative and well presented. A real eye opener on monetizing your book. I’m glad that I came.”
Vicente Ortia


“Thank you Gini. I am really impressed with your professionality, great workshop, clear and to the point. I learned lots of new things. Very useful in my new career as an author.”

Monica Viglioglia
Author of Soulwork



For Workshop on “How to Find a Publisher or Agent and Promote Your Book or Film”


“Very helpful in providing resources and options for publishing a book and screenplay, and seeing how to self-publish as an option… Gini is a wealth of information based on her hands-on experience with publishing and educational background…If you are interested in getting published, she’s the person to see.”

Rena Grant
Concord, California


“Very informative…I found it very helpful.”

Yisehak Fikre-Sellassie
Northern California


“I liked this workshop.  I would recommend it to others, since it was very information with a good broad-based approach.  Very helpful hints.”

Chris L’Orange
Orinda, California


“It was a good presentation at your workshop (on How to Find a Publisher or Agent and Promote Your Book or Film). It was well organized, and the quality of the recording was very fine.”

Art Leaffer
Value Creation
San Francisco, California


“Gini is a true expert with a lot of real world experience to share – a wealth of information.”

Mary Skinner
2B Productions
San Francisco, California


“Gini is professional, knowledgeable, and has a wide range of experience and resources. I’ve been writing and publishing for a long time, and I learned something new, which is great.”

Chris Westphal
Oakland, California



For Mailing to Publishers and Agents


“I encouraged a ghostwriting client to use Gini’s mailing service to publishers, so she did this week.  Yesterday she received 19 emails requesting to see the proposal.  We were both very impressed!  Gini provides an excellent template for the query letter. I screened the responses with my client and we have set the book proposal to 14 of them….My client was going to use a vanity press and I told her that we need to at least try a regular publisher who pays HER.”

Chris Adamec
Palm Beach, Florida


Lessons of RedemptionMany thanks to Gini Graham Scott.  She helped m e sell my book Lessons of Redemption which was just published through a mailing to publishers by Publishers Agents and Films.”

Kevin Shird
Baltimore, Maryland




image005Black Rose Writing is releasing my book, An Unexpected Indiscretion. I never considered myself a bodice ripper, but it appears that I am now. Thanks for making the introduction through Publishers Agents and Films.

Marcy Bachmann
Author, An Unexpected Indiscretion
Walnut Creek, California



image016“It’s going well.  I’ve been sending out sample chapters, a book proposal and chapter outline to about 30 who requested these, according to what they asked for.

Joan Rivard
Author: Peace Drums
Los Angeles, California




I heartily recommend Publishers Agents and Films.  The difference between that service and sending individual queries is like the difference between a rocket ship and roller skates.  I did get an agent as a result of my query.

Chelsea Lowe
Editor, Writer
Brookline, Massachusetts



“So far I have 19 publishers that are interested and want to see my proposal.  This is great!  I am sure my next step is to send the proposal out to all publishers.”

Cheryl Holloway, Ph.D.
Author: The Black Women’s Breast Cancer Survival Guide
Novi, Michigan



“I’m very happy with the response I have received for my novel – about 25 positive replies requesting a submission of a manuscript or synopsis.”

Greg Hopkins
Author of The Campaigner
Salt Lake City, Utah



“The email query is performing beautifully.  Appears that I have a dozen real possibilities thus far.  Also, the responses in general are extremely positive this time around – I changed the title of my book based on feedback from the last experience.  Thank YOU.  Great service…exceeds expectations.”

Jill Rose Jacobs
Author: What the Eyes Don’t See
Brooklyn, New York



“Thank you for all of your help moving forward on my book, Beyond Party.  I’ve received bites from about a dozen agents.  Many of them requested additional information, so I’m sending them the information they requested.”

J. Pettinato
Author: Beyond Party: The Forces Behind Politics
Washington, D.C.



“I received 37 responses in the first 8 hours after your query went out, and three publishers (Simon & Schuster, Penguin, and Red Hen Press) have a requested a copy of the manuscript. This number of responses exceeds by 300% the number of responses from publishers and agents that I have received over the past five years.  37 responses in 8 hours is miraculous!”

Billy Jack
Author: The Magic of Remembering and The Master and Margarita
Oakdale, Minnesota



“The positive results from your mailing on my book’s behalf are truly amazing! I have been in contact with numerous agents and publishers, a number of whom have asked to see several chapters or the entire manuscript. A few days ago I received a contract from a publisher who it never would have occurred to me to contact! Thank you!

Marcy Bachmann
Author: An Unexpected Indiscretion
Danville, California
(March 21, 2015)


“I ALWAYS get a fantastic response from your service. Juan Pablo and the Butterfliesis being read by eight editors! Fingers still cross. I already got one offer. Also, I had 40 producers ask to read The Good Fight.”

Jennifer Horsman
Latest novel: The Officer and the Princess
Laguna Beach, California
(May 12, 2015)


“Thanks soooo much…Just yesterday sent chapters and proposals to interested agents and publishers…Thanks so much your all your help, because it was because of you I decided I’d write the book based on my film Touched by Hannah, and I think it’s the best accomplishment of my career.”

Chris Hennessy
Custom Video Connection
San Jose, California
(June 17, 2015)



“Woohoo! …I’m thrilled at the responses I’m getting.”

Cheri Wong
Author of Journey to Jobville
San Jose, California


“I am more than happy to report that I have been offered a contract for my novel Dancing on the Edge of the World by a literary agent…He was most encouraging….Thank you for all your help.”

Marian Wernicke
Author of Dancing on the Edge of the World
Pensacola, Florida


“Thanks very much.  So far, of about 150 responses, 20% showed interest, which I view as a great result – definitely much better than I would have been able to accomplish on my own for my book on surviving the Holocaust.”

Robert Weisreich,
Author of I’m Still Alive: A Tale of Survival through Perseverance and Uncommon Sense
Metuchen, New Jersey



“My client used your service to send out his query, and…he received back nearly 100 requests to see his book proposal.  He has several very interested parties reading his entire manuscript, so he’s very excited.  I’m recommending your service to all my clients and friends.”

John DeSimone
Ghostwriter, Memoir, Self-Help, and Fiction
Montclair, California



For Film Producers and Agents


“Thank you!  I did receive several requests to see additional materials today…I sent my pilot to 8 to 10 people today.”

Adam Pitzler
Castle Companies
Concord, California



“I used the Professional Connection to send out queries about my book to seek endorsements, press coverage, book readers.  My queries went to thousands of contacts including book reviewers and bloggers, attorneys, court and city government employees, seniors, retires, including about 200,000 book readers. I found the service very helpful in developing my letters and sending them out.  I also found it helpful the way the service was able to target my query to selected states, and if I wanted to do so, it could have targeted selected cities and counties.  I even got one reviewer who wrote a very detailed and thoughtful review about my book on Amazon.  I recommend this service highly.”

Paul Brakke
Author of American Justice?



“So far, I heard back from about 15 people from my mailing to film producers and agents, and three have requested a copy of my book.”

Kate Walter
Author of Looking for a Kiss: A Chronicle of Downtown Heartbreak and Healing
New York, New York



“I am ABSOLUTELY SWAMPED with requests for the script…This has been a whirlwind.  So far, 25 or more producers and agents have requested the script, and I’ve sent it along to them…I’ve had a couple of long chats with a potential manager. Another guy is encouraging me to develop it as a TV pilot. I’m meeting in the next week or so with a producer interested in turning it into a reality TV show or documentary…Thanks again.”

Chris Westphal
Oakland, California
(May 30, 2015)



“The Film and TV connection service is very effective. I received numerous responses from my query to film directors and they continued for well over a week. I have used many other e-query companies, but none delivered the results that F&T does. Thanks to Gini Graham Scott and everyone there for providing a fantastic service. Well worth the cost!

Barry L. Ray
Long Beach, California
(June 27, 2015)



Testimonials From Writers

“You have sent out mass queries for me in the past which resulted in an option for my screenplay. Now I’d like to do another query for a memoir.”

Fran Yariv
Author of Last Exit and Safe Haven
Los Angeles, California


“I believe your idea for presenting my book is very good, and the letter you wrote for me is so good. Thanks to you I got today 30 very interesting emails after you sent my query offering film rights in my book to film producers and agents…A blessing for me to know you.”

Monica Horvath
Author of Reincarnation, Life After Live
Modesto, California



“I’ve gotten about 12 yes please send, since you sent out my query to children’s book publishers and agents a few hours ago this morning. So far this has been such a wonderful process. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Eric A. Vasallo
Author of The Mysterious Disappearance of Colby Blue
San Francisco, California



“Thanks for this valuable service. Through your service each time more than two dozens of literary agents and publishers checked my manuscript. Later, this manuscript was renamed with the title In the Himalayan Nights and published by Savant Books & Publications in 2012. I recommend your service very strongly.”

Professor emeritus of East Asian Studies
The University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona



“Gini Graham Scott has helped me with advice on how to get my book published. She wrote an excellent inquiry letter, which so far has resulted in two offers of publishing. Ultimately, I decided to publish with Black Rose Writing and my book is scheduled to be published in late April or early May 20015. She also reviewed a contract for me. I never could have done this myself as she knew exactly how best to handle the situation. Gini was always prompt in her replies to my many questions and with all the work she did for me, which made it all very easy. I will be using her services again.

Jonathan Robert Banks
Author of A New World: The Transformation of Science and Humanity
Woonona Australia




Publishers, Agents & Films and Changemakers Productions were a dream to work with. In response to our initial inquiry letter, not only did my client receive more than a dozen requests from premier publishers and agencies for his proposal, but in a short timeframe we were able to negotiate a book contract with a top business publisher which also included an unexpected advance.

Rebecca Metz
Metz Communications
San Francisco, Austin



I enjoyed your workshop on Finding Publishers, Agents and Producers, because I picked up crucial tips from you and the other attendees. The networking and caliber of the folks at your workshops was great. You’re very knowledgeable, caring, and your dedication is very inspiring. I look forward to many more excellent learning experiences and networking events!

Chris Hennessy
Writer, Producer, Director
Touched by Hannah
San Jose, California


THAT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!!  I just got a whole bunch of interest in my book from agents.
Tim Redmond
Author of AS YOU WERE
Vienna, Virginia
“I used this wonderful service to send a summary of a screenplay to producers and agents. I was overwhelmed by the response. About 25 producers and three agents asked to read the script.
Then I used them for an unpublished novel I had, a memoir. Over forty editors asked to read my manuscript.
To top it off, I got an offer from an excellent agent who represents both scripts and novels.
An invaluable service, worth every cent.  Thank you.”

Jennifer Horsman
Latest novel: Is God Real or Pretend? (A comparative religion book for kids.)
Laguna Beach, California
October 30, 2014



“I wanted to give you a reply on my results of my email campaign. I had 5 full manuscript requests and 4 partial manuscript requests from using your services. Thank you for your services. It was money well spent.”

Lance Peltier
Fargo, North Dakota



“Please thank Gini for a great job editing my query letter.
Santa Barbara, Calilfornia
August 31, 2014



“I wanted to thank you so much for your service…In the next week I will get focused on the book again, but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your service, and say thank you.”

Lisa Real Love
Author of The Toe-z’s
Southfield, Mississippi
April 2, 2014



“Within the first few days I had 20 agents requesting the full or partial manuscript.
Within a month a publisher had made an offer!…Thank you! I wouldn’t have gotten this far without you!… Exciting update on my testimonial! I just accepted the offer of representation
from a wonderful literary agent in New York City who loves my book! All this in
just over a month since I employed your services! Like magic! Thanks again.”

Kevin Postupack
Author of Tales of Insomnia, Despair & the Perfect Cocktail
Staunton, Virginia
February 26, 2014



“Thank you for your good service. The responses are coming in for the past three days. I will keep you posted on any success I may have.”

Atlanta, Georgia
February 12, 2014



“I have already received a Kajillion replies…I have already sent out several partial manuscripts and 2 entire manuscripts. Thank you so much!

Marianne Gage
Author of Thunderblunder, a series set in the Middle Ages
Pleasant Hill, California
Feb. 6, 2014



“I didn’t know what to expect when I sent out a query for my memoir, Queen of Domination. But within two days, I got approximately 165 responses! So far, roughly 56 of them have responded requesting to see my proposal and/or manuscript – about half from publishers and half from agents. While I’ve been sending out manuscripts and replying to their requests, I feel very encouraged that I’ll be able to find a publisher and gain help from one of these agents. Dr. Scott has done an amazing job in guiding me through the process to get my manuscript published. I am confident in her consistent support and expertise and I am thoroughly pleased with the positive results she has made possible for me!”

Dr. Charlayne Grenci
Author of Queen of Domination
Lighthouse Point, Florida
February 3, 2014



“Less that one week since the query for my humorous YA fantasy novel: Uncle Bruckner The Rat Killer. Got two offers for representation. When asked what made him go for my novel, the agent said he really liked the cover letter–he said it was superb! Life is about to change, thanks to you.”

L. P. Wulff
Highland, New York
January 28, 2014



Testimonials From Publishers and Agents


“We have received several query letters from clients that used Publishers, Agents, and Films (aka The Publishing Connection). The e-mails’ conciseness, brevity, and organization have always impressed me, and I have requested some of their manuscripts for further consideration. In the case of at least one author, it led to a publishing contract. I think this is a very valuable service that helps connect writers to publishers and agents.”

Nathan Gonzalez, Publisher
Nortia Press
Santa Ana, California
August 5, 2014


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