Website Design & SEO



If you don’t already have a website for your book, film, or company, we can help you develop this, along with the website copy, blogs, articles, and promotional videos.

Or if you want to improve your website and increase your SEO visibility, we can help with that, too. Today a good website is a necessary component of building a platform and promoting your book or film.

We work with a website designer who has created over 20 websites for us. Or if you just want copy or a promotional video developed for a website you already have, we can do that, too.


Here are the basic costs:

Website design and development: $60 / hour
Basic website: $600 for 10 hours
Basic website from predetermined template: $300
Copy for website pages, blogs, and articles:  .25 / word


Here are examples of sites that were created for us:




For more information and to get a quote on website design, call Gus, at Insights Online at (415) 665-1518 or email
Mention Publishers, Agents and Films to get this reduced rate.