Writing Services



We can help you with writing any of the following:

  • A query letter or press release, from a 1-2 page synopsis of your project, and bio and promotional information from you. After one of our professional writers writes your letter, we submit it to you for your approval and any final corrections. The cost is $100 with a mailing; $125 if you just want a letter written.
  • A 1-2 page synopsis of your project, from your book or script. The cost is $300.
  • A written review of your book or script, with suggestions for improvements, and 1 to 2 pages of edits to illustrate how the book might be rewritten, if this is needed. The cost is $300.
  • A book proposal for a non-fiction book, which includes a 10-20 page overview that includes these key sections: a 3-4 page overview; a chapter by chapter outline; a discussion of the market and any competing books; an author’s bio; a section on PR and promotion in the past and what you will do in the future; and plan for the book.
  • If you already have an introduction and 1 to 2 chapters written, you can include those; if not, we can help you write this section, too. Figure about .20-.25 cents a word; about $40-60 per page depending on type and format, with some additional costs for interviews and transcripts, if needed.
  • The development of your idea into a completed book, script, or film. This can be done as a work for hire at about .20-.25 cents a word, and might be discounted by the writer by 25% if this turns into a co-authorship, with shared royalties, which you can end at any time before pitching the project.
  • Consulting on writing, marketing, and promoting your book. The cost is $175 an hour, and you can schedule as little as a 15 minute consultation for $45; 20 minutes for $60; and 30 minutes for $90.